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Branded content ads released for influencers & adveritsers

by Dickson Wu

Instagram recently released branded content ads on Instagram, we'll discuss all about what does this mean and in what direction is instagram going in the future in this post.

As instagram has expressed previously in a space which they could not control was "Influencers" on their platform, with this released they've monopolized another area in which is going to be the new face of marketing. As you can see below from the picture at the top of each post, it indicate which advertiser is involve with the promotion of the post.

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This is a very STRONG tool for advertisers as they'll be able to get tagged with visual, meaning it reduces the amount of actions required to reach the advertiser's profile with just 1 action! This would significantly increase the amount of profile visit towards the advertiser's page, with the increase of profile visit brings a much higher percentage of follow ratio.

Some of you might be thinking it's just another way for instgram/facebook to make it rain. But this is a very big deal for the space for marketing, particularly for influencers and marketers.

The reason why it is such a big deal is because instagram/facebook now recognize "Influencer Marketing" as a another marketing form to it's counter part such as SEM, traditional marketing, online news marketing, offline paper marketing and etc.

What we predict is going to happen is that instagram will soon allow agencies/others to access their API called "Instagram Partners" which will allow them to control and access analytics for both advertisers and influencers to build a more reputable space for "Influencer Marketing" in the future of online marketing. This will help those who are earning from being sponsored A LOT more as they'll be able to increase their price due to instagram now verifying authenticity of account's engagements.

So how will instagram combat this, they would be doing more clean up and decreasing their limits to how tolerant they're. They've been putting a lot of effort this year in reducing fake likes / followers, this is their biggest concern regarding to releasing their "Branded Content Ads" because of inflated numbers through the use of botting on influencers/accounts. Hence the reason why a lot of marketers/influencers who uses their personal account to run bots & automated actions on a daily basis has been having lots of trouble, because instagram sees this as inflation of numbers.

We've yet to see instagram concerning over our growth service which uses external means to push growth towards our client's account. We do predict that they might not pursue this as it works exactly the same as SEO services(google). As most of you do not know is that SEO services are not exactly "Allowed" on google, but however they do not stop it entirely but regularly updates.

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