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Introducing SocialmodePLUS

by Dickson Wu

SocialmodePLUS is our upcoming stats and analytics panel which allows you to track your daily stats on instagram, as well as access to influencer list for adveritsers.

Our stats and analytics will allow you to track one account for FREE, however you'll only be able to access the last 30 days of data (and graph) and will not have access to your engagement and comments ratio stats as you can see form the screenshot below.

We'll be pricing it at a very afford pricing so that any type of users would be able to utilize our stats panel. Additionally we've an exciting feature which allows you to scan and check the account health of your account, this scan will help you determine the ratio of the fake/in-active followers (up to a certain extend of accuracy) which you'll be able to get the list and remove them manually yourself or have us to do it for you.

Get access to our influencer list. A curated list which will be vetted to make sure that all information are accurate and are NOT niche pages, meaning all the profiles in the influencer list will be strictly influencers ONLY.

The list will be updated on a daily basis and regularly to make sure that we try to cover as much influencers in every niche you can think of possibly, this is to ensure that there are enough data for those who are paying for the list access. Below in this screenshot you'll be able to see the filters available that you can select from when browsing for influencers.

That's not all, we'll be allowing users to connect their account to our panel which allows you to message influencers directly using instagram direct messaging with your OWN account, meaning you do NOT need use your phone to message or search for the influencer email when using our panel because we find it really troublesome and annoying to be constantly switching between devices.

With this the chances of the influencer seeing your message is almost certain if you're a business/brand/individual who is looking to sponsor or collaborating. And all of your DM history would be here in one place, you could even use these feature to reply to all your customers/audiences who are engaging with you via instagram direct message. Did we also mention that you can attach multiple accounts of your account (UP TO 5) to the panel.

Best part of all the website will support mobile view, so you'll be able to access the website anywhere using your phone's browser. Please look forward to this as we're expecting to release this soon in 2 months time.

Thank you for your interest!

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